Both Spotless (now Bucky) and Domino (now Guizmo) have been selected by members of our Wait List! Dumpling is currently under contract and Spotlight has met a potential future family. These pups are still so quiet and rarely whine or bark. Guizmo (Domino) is the most playful of the bunch and the largest at 3:15 pounds (charting to be 16-21 pounds). Bucky (Spotless) enjoys playing with his dad, Creed, and his new buddy Brax, who just loves playing with the puppies as well. He’s a confident little guy who enjoys coming up for pets and cuddles. He is 3:1.5 pounds (charting to be 12-17 pounds). Dumpling and Spotlight are still our quiet little girlies who just love to cuddle. They both enjoy a bit of play but would much rather just curl up in your arms. Dumpling is 2:15 pounds (charting to be 10-14 pounds) and Spotlight is 2:10 pounds (charting to be 9-13 pounds).

We’ve welcomed 2 new members to our Wait List this past week, so after placing 2 puppies with members, we’re now right back at 37 members on the Wait List. We have 2 more telephone calls set up this week to meet potential new members as well. We are so humbled by the support and excitement for our puppies! We can’t wait to share more photos with you soon!

4 Comments on “5-week pupdates Tiva x Creed F4 Pomskies

  1. Very blessed families indeed to get these precious fur babies. Love being a member of such a large amazing family 🥰.

    Thank you Christina for the updates and the great care that you take in placing these beautiful puppies .❤️

    • I think it might be an iphone issue. If you click the title hyperlink to view in a browser that seems to work. My iphone does the same thing for some reason. I’ll check with my web host as well to see if there’s a way to fix that in the newsletters. Thank you so much for your feedback!

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