We are so pleased to present our F4 Ti-Rax dinosaur-themed Pomsky litter who were born on January 16 out of Tiva and by Brax.

These pups are so uniquely coloured! Lavender 💜 Blue piebald 💙 and black/white splash 🖤🤍!

Tiva is doing awesome and is such an attentive momma 🥰💕

Not only was January 18 my brother’s birthday 🥳, it was also Aoife’s birthday 🎂, Tallulah’s birthday 🎉, and Sakari and Creed’s SIX puppies’ birthdays 🎊!!!!!

Introducing our first ever F4x Pomsky litter! These beautiful pups arrived between 1:24am and 6:10am in the morning. This is momma Sakari’s very first litter and she’s doing so well and tending to her pups like a pro! Papa Creed was tolerated for a brief visit with his pups (Tiva enjoys his company way more than Sakari 😅).

These pups carry a very small amount of American Eskimo (around 4%), which is a third stabilizing foundation breed that is required for the future of Pomsky AKC approval. These pups are oh so perfect.

We will come up with names for them after we’ve had a bit of sleep 😴 Girl #1 is the tiiiiiniest pup we’ve had to date at only 6.7 oz and we are already so in love with her. Boy #1 is our second tiniest pup we’ve had at 8.0 oz.

Our Wait List will get to select from these pups when they are older after any breeder holds.

My kids (10 and 13) are my amazing hand models too 😜

As always, thank you for joining our pack!

* Ontario Pomsky Puppies * Keurwood Equestrian

Family farm in-home raised and ethically bred Pomsky puppies. Distinguished sport horse breeding program in unique colours with Olympic pedigrees.