Sakari and Creed’s adorable F4x Canadian Glaciers Pomsky litter are now two weeks old!

And they all have their eyes open, even sweet little Cambria who was just waaaay to tired too keep her eyes open for the photoshoot (Peyto also gave use cavernous-sized yawns 🥱).

These pups are all still tiny and gaining weight slowly.

Here are our weekly weigh-ins:

  • Jubilee – 1 lb 0.9 oz (+0.37 lbs)
  • Cambria – 1 lb 10.5 oz (+0.59 lbs)
  • Megaera – 1 lb 5.5 oz (+0.40 lbs)
  • Bugaboo – 1 lb 7.6 oz (+0.49 lbs)
  • Peyto – 1 lb 10.9 oz (+0.74 lbs)
  • Lemolo – 1 lb 5.9 oz (+0.36 lbs)

And here are a few extra fun photos of these adorable pups!

Exciting news hopefully for our Wait List who are wanting some more of our delectable chocolate pups… Aster and Brax were successfully bred this past week. We will find out at the end of February/early March if these two are expecting. Aster is an adorable 18 pound firecracker out of our very own Nootka, who we had to retire early due to breeding complications, and Aster is her only daughter. Brax is 16.5 pounds so we’re hoping for some wonderful small/medium sized pups. All of their pups will be either brown/chocolate or lavender. Fingers crossed for this amazing pairing! Brax also went in for his OFA testing (hips, elbows, patella) last week so we should have his results in the next week or so.

We will combine our pupdates into one longer newsletter next week.

Thank you for joining our pack!

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