Our Pomsky pups are now three weeks old!

First up are our F4 Ti-Rax litter by Brax out of Tiva. They are really starting to bark and become more interactive.

Here are our weekly weigh-ins:

  • Barney – 2 lbs 6.5 oz (+0.71 lbs)
  • Arlo – 2 lbs 2.6 oz (+0.53 lbs)
  • Edwina – 1 lb 15.3 oz (+0.45 lbs)
  • Lucinda – 2 lbs 5.8 oz (+0.57 lbs)

Next up is Sakari x Creed‘s F4x Pomsky Canadian Glacier litter. THREE of these adorable pups aren’t even 2 pounds yet! 😱🤯 This is an incredible litter of teeny pups 🐾

Weekly weigh-ins:

  • Jubilee – 1 lb 7.5 oz (+0.41 lbs)
  • Cambria – 2 lbs 7.0 oz (+0.78 lbs)
  • Megaera – 1 lb 13.2 oz (+0.48 lbs)
  • Bugaboo – 2 lb 1.2 oz (+0.61 lbs)
  • Peyto – 1 lb 15.9 oz (+0.31 lbs)
  • Lemolo – 2 lbs 8.1 oz (+1.15 lbs)

And more exciting news for our Wait List members…. Ayasha was successfully paired with Brax for her very last litter with us. Ayasha is our superstar momma and gave us our keeper boy Creed by Eno as well as many other stunning pups. This will be her fifth litter with us and we will be retiring this amazing girl after this litter. We were hoping to dual sire this litter with Eno, but sadly he wasn’t up for the job. We’re hoping for good news in early March. Brax just had his OFA done as well and his results are posted on our Pomsky Parents Page.

Once again, thank you for joining our pack!

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