T -1 week for Puppy Selections by our lucky Wait List members who will get to start meeting and choosing these pups next week 🙌🏻

All of our pups have now started on some Esbilac goat milk, honey, pumpkin puree and soaked dog kibble and they are loving it!

First up is our Ti-Rax F4 Pomsky litter by Brax out of Tiva who turned 4 weeks old on Sunda (February 13). These pups are so cute with their personalities really starting to shine. Barney is more chill but super funny and loves to talk back and bark at you. Arlo likes to explore but also enjoys playing and the barking back talk. Edwina is so sweet and loves to explore and cuddle. Lucinda will come right up to you and try to climb in your lap and give you kisses, but she’s more bold and loves to explore and play.

Weekly weigh ins and weight charting:

  • Barney – 2 lbs 14.8 oz (+0.52 lbs), charting 14-19 lbs
  • Arlo – 2 lbs 8.2 oz (+0.35 lbs), charting 12-17 lbs
  • Edwina – 2 lbs 5.5 oz (+0.38 lbs), charting 11-16 lbs
  • Lucinda – 2 lbs 12.2 oz (+0.40 lbs), charting 13-18 lbs

I had so much fun taking some video of our Ti-Rax litter – they are so hilarious! Barney loves the back talk, Arlo does too, Lucinda is so playful but loooooves giving tons of kisses, and Edwina is soooo sweet. Enjoy (audio is on):

Next up is our F4x Canadian Glacier Pomsky litter by Creed out of Sakari who turned 4 weeks old on Tuesday (February 15). This litter is on fire 🔥 they are all so beautifully Husky marked! They’re much more laid back as a group compared to our Ti-Rax litter and prefer cuddling and snuggling at this time. Lemolo and Cambria are our most outgoing and Bugaboo is a confident adorably angry looking guy, and hopefully we will see more of the pups’ personalities develop this week.

Here are our weekly weigh-ins and weight charting:

  • Jubilee – 1 lb 14.2 oz (+0.42 lbs), charting 8-13 lbs – Jubilee will be retained for our future breeding program!
  • Megaera – 2 lbs 4.7 oz (+0.47 lbs), charting 11-16 lbs
  • Cambria – 3 lbs 3.1 oz (+0.75 lbs), charting 15-22 lbs
  • Peyto – 2 lbs 6.5 oz (+0.42 lbs), charting 11-16 lbs
  • Bugaboo – 2 lbs 9.9 oz (+0.55 lbs), charting 12-18 lbs
  • Lemolo – 3 lbs 4.9 oz (+0.79 lbs), charting 16-23 lbs

Here’s a video of our F4x Canadian Glacier Pomsky litter.

As always, thank you for joining our pack!

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