First up, our Ti-Raxians (Tiva x Brax) turned 5 weeks old on Sunday, February 20. This group of F4 Pomsky pups are so sweet and playful and such a wonderful range of colours and coats.

Here are our weekly weigh-ins, weight charting and some extra un-posed photos and video links of these spectacular pups!

Arlo – 2 lbs 15.2 oz (+0.44 lbs), charting 12-16 lbs

Edwina – 2 lbs 14.2 oz (+0.54 lbs), charting 12-16 lbs

Barney – 3 lbs 7.8 oz (+0.56 lbs), charting 14-19 lbs

Lucinda – 3 lbs 4.3 oz (+0.51 lbs), charting 13-18 lbs

Group video: https://youtu.be/B5rOpyaU29A

Next up, our Canadian Glaciers F4x Pomsky puppies (Sakari x Creed) turned 5 weeks old on Tuesday, February 22 (which was also my son’s 13th birthday!). These pups are just lovely. Great sweet dispositions and completely stunning.

We’ve posted their weights, charting sizes and videos below. We tried to get some action shots but most just wanted to snuggle so we got cuddle shots for some instead 🤗

These pups are going to be soooo loved by their new families!

Megaera – 2:10.1 lbs (+0.34 lbs), charting 11-16 lbs

Peyto – 2:15.5 lbs (+0.56 lbs), charting 12-17 lbs

Jubilee – 2:1.3 lbs (+0.19 lbs), charting 8-12 lbs – Retained by Ontario Pomskies for our future breeding program

Bugaboo – 3:1.0 lbs (+0.44 lbs), charting 13-18 lbs

Lemolo – 4:6.9 lbs (+1.13 lbs), charting 18-24 lbs

Cambria – 4:0.7 lbs (0.85 lbs), charting 17-23 lbs

Group https://youtu.be/gTWjOXZOgFc

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