We’ll start off this post with some exciting news, but first, a little background….

Nootka was our very first Pomsky we selected for our program. She was a stunning wooly coat chocolate beauty! Nootka taught us about the silly antics of Pomskies and would sit inside my walk-in shower while I was bathing just to hang out with me. She haaaaated being crated but had outstanding house manners so she usually slept on my bathroom or laundry room tiles. She was brave and goofy, she would regularly have bouts of the zoomies and we would chase her around. She was affectionately called “Brown Dog”.


We bred Nootka to Eno in 2018 and she was confirmed pregnant with several pups. When it came time for Nootka to deliver her pups, her first pup was born without any complications. He was a maximum piebald pup we named Hoth (he was born on May the 4th so we went with a Star Wars theme). We waited anxiously to meet the other pups. But when it looked like Nootka was all done, I rushed her to the vet. An x-ray confirmed that she was indeed, all done. I spoke to the vet about how she had lost all of the other pups. They suggested a course of antibiotics for her next pregnancy.

Nootka was again bred to Eno and confirmed pregnant on her next cycle, again with multiple pups. 5 days before her due date, we performed an x-ray. No pups were visible – she had lost all of them in utero.

My vet suggested trying another male and that perhaps Nootka and Eno were incompatible. In 2020, we selected Groot from OceanView Pomskies. The insemination went well and Nootka was confirmed pregnant with multiple pups. Again, 5 days before her due date, Nootka went in for an x-ray. She was now only pregnant with a single pup. Nootka was not able to deliver the pup naturally and we brought her in for a c-section. When the vet had Nootka on the operating table, she noticed that Nootka had a significant amount of scaring on her uterus that was likely due to a congenital defect (something she likely had at birth), and that the single pups she carried found the only “sweet spot” to implant in her uterus. The decision was made to spay Nootka and retire her from our breeding program.

Nootka delivered a perfect little girl, a spitting image of her mom. I was planning on keeping this girl for our breeding program, but we had become great friends with one of our Wait List members who had been on our wait list for a chocolate pup just like Nootka for over a year. We decided to work together to make a special arrangement.

So… after a long nearly 1.5 year wait, we are sooooo excited to announce that Nootka’s only daughter, Aster, is now confirmed pregnant with multiple puppies. The sire is Brax. Aster (18 lbs) and Brax (16 lbs) are due around April 2/3 and we cannot wait to meet this litter of chocolate cubs. They will be either red/brown or lavender as both Aster and Brax carry the dilute gene. We are planning on keeping a girl from this cross for our breeding program to hopefully continue Nootka’s bloodlines, and our Wait List members will also get to choose some of these pups as well.

Our Ti-Rax (Tiva x Brax) F4 Pomsky pups turned 6 weeks old on Sunday! We tried getting these pups out in the snow for a quick photoshoot but man the wind was relentless. These pups still managed to give us some very cute snapshots despite being cold and less than impressed with the weather.

We are in the process of trying to set up meetings with our Wait List members to meet these pups but with 8 pups looking to be placed, we’re still working our way through our list. Our apologies for delayed replies as we focus on finding these pups their furever homes 💕🐾

Weekly weigh-ins (now starting to reflect much more solid food diets 🤣 but they will probably gain much less next week from our experience):

  • Arlo – 3 lbs 8.4 oz (+0.58 lbs), charting 13-18 lbs
  • Barney – 4 lbs 8.6 oz (+1.40 lbs), charting 16-21 lbs
  • Edwina – 3 lbs 11.6 oz (+1.12 lbs), charting 14-19 lbs
  • Lucinda – 4 lbs 0.2 oz (+0.72 lbs), charting 15-20 lbs

Our Canadian Glacier (Sakari x Creed) F4x Pomsky pups turned 6 weeks old on Tuesday. We have placed all of these pups with our Wait List members other than Peyto as we are awaiting his DNA results for a breeder friend of ours.

We are still working on placing our Ti-Rax pups with our Wait List but if you’re on our Wait List and now would like to meet a Ti-Raxian, please contact us if you previously only selected our Glacier litter.

Weekly weigh-ins:

  • Jubilee – 2 lbs 5.4 oz, charting to be 8.5-12.5 lbs
  • Megaera – 3 lbs 0.1 oz, charting to be 11-16 lbs
  • Peyto – 3 lbs 6.3 oz, charting to be 12-17 lbs
  • Bugaboo – 3 lbs 8.4 oz, charting to be 13-18 lbs
  • Cambria – 4 lbs 13.3 oz, charting to be 17-23 lbs
  • Lemolo – 5 lbs 8.4 oz, charting to be 19-25 lbs

We’ve also updated our main Pomsky page to include photo examples of the different coat types our dogs have (Standard, Plush, Wooly), and a size-diagram with our very own dogs! Ayasha (Standard), Creed (Mini) and Tallulah (Micro/Toy)!

As always, thank you for joining our pack!

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