Our Ti-Rax (Tiva x Brax) F4 Pomsky litter turned 8 weeks old on Sunday, March 13. They all got a clean bill of health from their vet visit.

This has been such a unique and lovely group of pups with so many fun silly shenanigans. They are goofy and independent but still super sweet and love giving kisses. They have been our most unique group with lavenders 💜 blue piebald 💙 and black and white splash 🖤. We surely will miss these little firecrackers but we know they will provide so much love and entertainment to their new pawrents.

We will keep a close eye on Arlo to see how he develops so that hopefully we might see him cameo a litter sometime next year if all goes well 🤞🏻

Final weigh-ins for these lovelies:

  • Arlo: 4.57 lbs, charting 13.5-17.5 lbs
  • Barney (now Shadow): 6.40 lbs, charting 19-24 lbs
  • Edwina (now Nora): 5.00 lbs, charting 15-20 lbs
  • Lucinda (now Oreo): 4.98 lbs, charting 15-20 lbs

Our Canadian Glaciers might be solidly frozen, but these F4x Pomsky pups will melt your heart. 8 short weeks ago from Tuesday, these adorable pups with icy blue eyes were born.

We will definitely be repeating this pairing of Creed and Sakari but until then, we hope their new families will spam us with pupdates.

Of course, we will continue to post photos of Jubilee who will be staying with our program.

Final weigh-ins:

  • Jubilee 2.90 lbs, charting 8.5-12.5 lbs
  • Megaera (now Nukka) 3.92 lbs, charting 12-17 lbs
  • Peyto 4.53 lbs, charting 13.5-18.5 lbs
  • Bugaboo 4.61 lbs, charting 14-19 lbs
  • Cambria 6.84 lbs, charting 19.5-25 lbs
  • Lemolo 7.52 lbs , charting 22.5-29 lbs

People ask us how we can part with our puppies. It’s hard! Make no mistake about it, we love each of our puppies dearly and have spent so many sleepless nights and exhausted days preparing for the day we have to say goodbye. But this. This right here is how we do it. The heartwarming smiles. Knowing that our pups are going to bring so much love to their new families. It’s hard to think about being selfish and keeping them all when you see just how truly special your pups are and how they change the lives of their new families. This 2-year old girl refused to let go of her new pup (Megaera) and held her so gently for a good 15 minutes while we showed this family our other dogs, goats and cats. Megaera just stayed so calmly in her tiny new hooman’s arms. Can’t wait to watch these two grow up together. Doesn’t everyone hold a special place in their hearts for their first childhood dog? 💕🐾

We’ve been getting such wonderful feedback on how well our puppies are adjusting in their new homes. But it’s a bit quieter in our house now that 8 of the 10 pups are with their new families. So I got lucky and captured this amazing photo of 3 generations of my breeding program all in my living room right now 🥰🐾 Ayasha (F2) + Creed (F3) + Jubilee (F4x)

And finally, Jubilee would like to send out lots of kisses and hopes that everyone had an enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day!

We will be back with more exciting pupdates in just under 2 weeks when Aster goes in for her pre-whelping x-ray!

Thank you for joining our pack!

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