Aster Bear certainly wanted to set the bar super high for her one and only litter with us!

She decided to have her pups on April 2, the same day as our Pandemic litter born 2 years ago: Creed, Poppy (fka Innovation), Willow (fka Inspire), and Marvel (fka Noble).

We are so impressed with her pups and she is killing it as a mom and absolutely adores her babies.

Introducing our F4 Bear Cubs Pomsky litter, sired by Brax:

  • Paddington, born 12:14am, 10.5 oz brown boy 🀎
  • Baloo, born 12:33am, 10.7 oz lavender boy πŸ’œ
  • Boo Boo, born 1:22am, 9.2 oz brown boy 🀎
  • Winnie, born 2:15am, 10.4 oz lavender girl πŸ’œ
  • Kodiak, born 3:36am, 9.7 oz brown boy 🀎
  • Harmony, born 5:15am, 10.8 oz lavender girl πŸ’œ

We will be evaluating the girls for our program. The other pups will be available for our Wait List members around 5 weeks of age.

And talk about your carbon copy of Brax! Check out baby Paddington!

Stay tuned for more pupdates as Ayasha goes in for her pre-whelping x-ray this coming week!

Thank you for joining our pack!

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