There will definitely be some fireworks going off when our new families meet their pups in a few short weeks!

Most of our pups have now been chosen or are under contract. We do have Boo Boo, who will be 8 weeks old next Saturday, May 28, who might be available. He is priced at $4,000 Canadian, is charting to be 17-23 pounds, has blue parti eyes (partial green/hazel as well), appears to have a plush coat, loves children, loves affection, is more easy going and playful but not hyper, but he can be more vocal when he’s hungry! Please contact us at, or fill out a Qualification Application if you are interested in adopting Boo Boo and we will be happy to set up a meeting with him!

Our F4 Pomsky “Bear Cub” litter are now 7 weeks old! These pups love playing outside and have been spending much more time bouncing around on the grass and playing in their puppy pen. We have a few local children who now come over most nights to play with them as well. These pups adore children!

These pups are all charting within our ideal weight range of 15-25 pounds, what a perfect litter!

Weekly weigh-ins:

  • Paddington – 3 lbs 8.4 oz, charting to be 11-16 pounds
  • Harmony – 4 lbs 1.5 oz, charting to be 13.5-18.5 pounds
  • Boo Boo – 5 lbs 5.1 oz, charting to be 17-23 pounds
  • Winnie – 3 lbs 15.1 oz, charting to be 13-18 pounds
  • Kodiak – 4 lbs 3.2 oz, charting to be 14-19 pounds
  • Baloo – 4 lbs 15.1 oz, charting to be 16-21 pounds

Sundays are Snack days! Our F3 Pomsky “Charcuterie” litter turned 6 weeks old yesterday. Look at how cute and fluffy these pups are!!!

All of these pups have all met with our Wait List families and have been chosen or are under contract.

These pups are super sweet, love people and playing, but are still very chill. They all like to show off their litterbox training skills and are doing so well with that. Brie is the little sweetheart of the group being the only girl and smallest at that. Her tail is non-stop wagging and she can’t control giving out tons of kisses. Chorizo is getting so playful but insists on climbing up on your lap to get pets as well. Olive is the same and loves to be the centre of attention and get as much love as he can. Cashmoo is just a cool happy-go-lucky guy who’s content to snuggle or play or explore.

Weekly weigh-ins for these fluffy pants:

  • Chorizo – 6 lbs 5.1 oz, charting 23-31 pounds
  • Brie – 3 lbs 10.2 oz, charting 13-17 pounds
  • Olive – 6 lbs 1.3 oz, charting 22-30 pounds
  • Cashmoo – 5 lbs 13.6 oz, charting 21-29 pounds

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Victoria Day weekend and avoided any major damage after the crazy storm we had in Ontario on Saturday. We have been clearing some fallen trees this past weekend but are otherwise unscathed.

Thank you as always for joining our pack!

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