It’s been such a busy week for us and our pups. From vet visits for vaccinations and health certificates, to photo shoots, to arranging National and International transportation, and meeting new families, we fell behind on our Newsletter Pupdates. So let’s get caught up!

Our F4 Pomsky “Bear Cubs” litter had their vet check up last Friday and they all passed with flying colours! The pups were superstars and were sooo quiet in the car. The vet techs had fun figuring out all of the bear-themed names.

Later, they all had a bath and their nails trimmed. They have all met their new families, except for Harmony who will be staying with our program and Winnie who will be flying to Alberta later this coming week.

Look at these amazing weights! This litter is charting to be exactly the ideal size we strive to produce. Every. Single. One. 🥰 Aster x Brax = Nailed It!

Final weigh-ins:

  • Paddington – 3.87 pounds, charting to be 11.5-16.5 pounds
  • Harmony – 4.58 pounds, charting to be 13.5-18.5 pounds
  • Boo Boo (now named Tucker) – 6.34 pounds, charting to be 19-25 pounds
  • Winnie (now named Iolite) – 4.33 pounds, charting to be 13-18 pounds
  • Kodiak (now named Grizz) – 4.62 pounds, charting to be 14-19 pounds
  • Baloo – 5.61 pounds, charting to be 17-23 pounds

We’ve already received some wonderful feedback about how great these pups have been settling in with their new families. Baloo’s family, for example, sent us the following:

Hi Christina, just wanted to let you know we are so happy with Baloo. He is so cuddlely and cute. His first night went well he slept through the night with no crying thanks to your training. Thank for everything I am so happy with Baloo and I’m sure he will be a great comfort to me in my journey ahead.

Baloo’s New Family

Our delicious F3 Pomsky “Charcuterie” litter is 8 weeks old today. I can’t get over how fluffy gorgeous each of these pups have become. They are all so sweet and just adore people but they are silly and so entertaining just like their momma Ayasha and pawpaw Brax.

This day marks the end of Ayasha’s time with us in our breeding program as this is her fifth and final litter. She will now get to enjoy a much deserved retirement, although between you and me I know she will miss having pups as she loves each of her pups so much and her love is reflected in the personalities of these pups.

These pups have all been chosen and Cashmoo and Brie met their new families yesterday while Chorizo and Olive will meet their new families very soon!

We truly are excited to see how these pups grow and can’t wait to get pupdates from this very special and very unique litter.

Final weigh-ins:

  • Chorizo – 8.12 pounds, charting 24-33 pounds
  • Brie (now named Laci Brie) – 4.36 pounds, charting 13-17 pounds
  • Olive (now named Elvis Pawsley) – 8.14 pounds, charting 24-33 pounds
  • Cashmoo (now named Diesel) – 7.44 pounds, charting 22-31 pounds

I’m upcoming planning news, Tiva has been holding off on her heat but she should be coming in soon 🤞🏻 We have some exciting plans for her and really hoping they work out. If they don’t, not to worry, Creed is our back up boy!

We are planning on pairing Aoife with Creed when she comes into heat likely later this summer. Sakari is being monitored for a condition our vets found but we’re hoping that we might get the go ahead to breed her to Creed again if not for this coming cycle (which should be soon) or next cycle (anticipated November/December). Keep an eye on our Available Puppies and Upcoming Litters page to see what we have planned and confirmed.

Thank you as always for joining our pack. We’re looking forward to enjoying a short break during before we hopefully have new pups arriving later this summer. Stay cool 😎

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