So typically, female dogs come in to heat twice a year, approximately every 6 months. Both Tiva and Sakari had pups in January so they should have come into heat by May. And now we’re in July hahaha!

But the wait is over! Our next pairing that should hopefully happen within the next week is….

Sakari x Creed!!!! Woohoo!!!! Sakari is in heat now! Hopefully our Wait List members who have been patiently waiting for this repeat pairing will have an opportunity to select some amazing pups by end of Summer! Stay tuned as we will hopefully confirm this pairing soon!

We are in need of a *temporary* foster home for our teeny Tallulah (6.4 pounds). She is scheduled for her spay surgery at the end of this month, but she will not be able to see an orthopaedic surgeon for her initial patella consultation until the end of November! Yes, they are that booked up!

In Tallulah’s best interest, we need her to be in a much quieter environment where she would be less tempted to launch herself off our couches in attempt to outrun the puppies. While she does love going on walks, she needs to rest as much as possible. She is an absolute snuggle bug and will cuddle with you all day if possible. She can be left alone in the house completely unsupervised but she is crate trained and perfectly content in her crate. She is fully house trained but will use a litter box if she absolutely can’t hold it. She will not destroy anything, she adores people and being brushed and carried around, and she thinks barking at cats is the most fun ever, but being swatted at is terrifying!

If you are interested in fostering Tallulah for several months at minimum, please message me. She will do best in a home without other dogs, or older super calm dogs, just to help her remain calm and prevent her from being injured. If she is not a candidate for surgery, we will consider adopting her to a permanent home to avoid her being hurt by our pack.

As always, thank you for joining our pack!

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