After a somewhat challenging labour for first time momma, Aoife, we are thrilled to announce the safe arrival of four (4) F3 Pomsky puppies born September 18 and sired by Creed.

In honour of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who was an avid dog enthusiast and supporter, we have named this litter in tribute to her Royal Canines:

Pickles – black/silver male 8.6 oz
Lissy – red female 8.6 oz
Willow – black female 8.5 oz
Dookie – black male 9.7 oz

Momma Aoife is being so lovely and wonderful tending to her pups. They are all doing well and gaining weight. These puppies will be offered to our Wait List members at 5 weeks of age.

In other exciting news, Tiva has been confirmed pregnant with Maikoh babies – a whole belly full of them! She should have her pups around October 19/20 and we have the possibility of producing some beautiful blue pups as well as black and white with this pairing. Tiva is 16 pounds, Maikoh is 18 pounds.

We are also very excited to announce the newest addition to our pack, Akela (“Ah-kayla”). She arrived late Thursday night from California and is already warming up to our pack. She is 1 year 10 months old and only 14.3 pounds! We can’t wait to have some pups from her as soon as she’s settled and ready. She is already showing us a sweet, silly, playful yet submissive personality. We will send off her Embark (we have her mom and dad’s and know she carries red!) to determine which of our boys will best pair with her.

And just for a touch of comedy, while we were patiently waiting for Aoife to release her puppy hostages, we had a visitor come to our property…. a pigeon 🤷🏼‍♀️ He decided the the puppy pen is now a great place to hang out despite our dogs barking at him. He’s been coming around for 5 days now and we’ve been enjoying his daily visits.

So, this week in summary:

1 new female for our program (Akela) + new pigeon friend + 4 new puppies (Aoife x Creed) + Pregnancy confirmation (Tiva + Maikoh) = A splendiferously exciting past week! 🐾💕

Thank you as always for joining our pack!

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