Christina has been riding and training horses since 1992, and has a gift for working with sensitive and hot horses that have been deemed unsuitable for other riders. Her focus has been training young horses for the show ring.

Christina has also competed in:

The National A Jumping Circuit:

  • Beginner jumping classes and 4-Year Old Jumper Development Series (Vistosa)
  • 1.10m-1.30m (Travola)

The Central Western Trillium Hunter Circuit:

  • Ranked 5th overall out of nearly 50 competitors in the 1994 Trillium Children’s Hunter division (Nuttin Fancy, 10 show series)

Local shows, and was Champion and Reserve Champion in the Hunter ring (Jamaica)

Christina has been breeding Warmblood horses since the late 1990’s and imported several horses from Europe, mainly Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. She focused her breeding efforts on horses with outstanding pedigrees that could product foals with unique colours including palomino and buckskin. Her first dilute foal was a palomino Warmblood colt, Bali, who was born in 2006 out of her foundation mare, Jamaica.

Bali 2006

In 2017, Christina began breeding Frenchton (French Bulldog x Boston Terrier) puppies and currently breeds Pomsky dogs (Pomeranian x Siberian Husky).

Christina is a registered Pomsky breeder with several International Pomsky breed clubs. Christina is dedicated to breeding healthy dogs (Embark, OFA) with outstanding temperaments, as well as competition dogs including Creed, who has won international conformation competitions and currently trains in Agility.

Christina spearheaded the entire construction and development of a 25-acre Olympic caliber horse boarding and training facility from vacant land that was completed in November 2011. The facilities were located directly beside Angelstone Showgrounds. From inception until Fall 2021, Christina exclusively managed the boarding and training facility. The property was sold in 2021 so that Christina could resume focus on her breeding programs. Christina again purchased vacant land in Erin to continue her horse and dog breeding businesses.

Christina’s experience includes:

* Honours degree in Biomedical Sciences

* Academic training in equine nutrition, stallion/mare management and breeding management

* Certified Class IV medical laser therapist

* 10 years patient and client management in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries

* 11 years equestrian boarding and training facility management

* 25+ years sport horse breeding, mare, stallion and foal management

* Animal welfare and wildlife rehabilitation

* Volunteer at veterinary and emergency animal clinics

* Houses rescued dogs and cats and is part of the SPCA Barn Cat program and feral cat rescue groups

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Keurwood Equestrian and Ontario Pomskies
Erin, Ontario

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Family farm in-home raised and ethically bred Pomsky puppies. Distinguished sport horse breeding program in unique colours with Olympic pedigrees.