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Ontario Pomsky Pupdate

We find out next Wednesday if our gorgeous, sweet girl Nootka will be having more puppies! We can hardly wait!!! It’s a Pomsky Winter Wonderland at Keurwood! Thank you for following our Keurwood Equestrian and Ontario Pomsky Puppies Blog!

Litter Announcements 2019

Nootka is getting very close to breeding. We’ve had 2 visits with the vet to get progesterone and cytology. Hoping for a successful breeding this weekend or early next week. Who’s ready for some adorable Christmas puppies!!?? Nootka (Left) x Eno (Middle) = Puppies (Right from May 2019 litter)

Sweet Field Stables and Ontario Pomsky Puppies

Distinguished sport horse breeding program in unique colours with Olympic pedigrees. Family farm raised and ethically bred Pomsky puppies.