Ayasha came in to heat 2 months earlier than we expected. We brought her to the vet for a full breeding soundness check up including blood work, ultrasound and exam. After receiving the A-Ok to proceed, she and Eno had successful breedings this past weekend. We will find out at the end of this month (February) or early next month if they are expecting puppies!

Ayasha 2020

Today, I took Zia to the vet to have some of her vaccinations updated. She was showing signs of heat before we left so we checked her progesterone and wouldn’t you know it, she’s almost ready to be bred as well! We have a follow up appointment on Wednesday and are hoping to breed her to Scotty, the wooly merle male, on Thursday!

Lastly, Kuna is also showing signs of heat. She has a date with the vet tomorrow.

Zia and Kuna 2020

4 Comments on “Spring is in the Air!

  1. Could we please be put on a list for pomsky puppy fron one of your litter. Please email me back with info. Appreciate it. Would even take a puppy from a litter already born if available. We are looking for female hopefully no bigger than 18lbs. Thank you

    • Hi Tracey, absolutely! If you’ve already joined our newsletter that’s the best way to keep updated. We are hoping to have puppies in about 2 months’ time (April 2020). If you’d like more information on becoming a member of our Wait List please feel free to contact me at ontariopomskypuppies@gmail.com Thank you for your interest in our Pomskies! Christina

  2. Thank you Christina for getting back to me. My son and I are very excited about your next litter. We do not care if it’s a male or female we just want to love it. All the best to your babies.

    • Thank you so much, Kathryn. It was lovely speaking with you today and I look forward to placing a puppy with you and your son!

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