Introducing our Ha’KUNA’-Matata litter by Eno x Kuna. Kuna was a super star and welcomed seven (7) perfect F3 Pomsky puppies in the wee hours of the night from April 10-11, 2020. She delivered 2 girls (Nala and Sarabi) and 5 boys (Timon, Pumbaa, Zazu, “Moo”fasa because he looks like a baby calf 🤣, and Simba who has a perfect heart shape on his belly ❤️). These pups are super tiny, most between 8.5-9.1 ounces. Smallest is Timon at 8.1 ounces, while Zazu is the biggest at 10.5 ounces. Momma Kuna is a rock star and looooves her babies!

Puppies will be chosen by our Wait List members first around 4 weeks of age. Puppies not claimed by our Wait List will be available thereafter.

Thank you for joining us and we wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Easter Weekend!

2 Comments on “Kuna x Eno puppies have arrived!

  1. I have been looking into small breed dogs. When we had to have our husky, King put to sleep, because of cancer, we decided we couldn’t go through that again. Ten years have passed, and my husband and I both miss the companionship of a family pet. Since we are a lot older now, we have been considering a small breed husky mix. We still love the husky breed, but as you know they thrive on long walks and strenuous exercise. We are looking around now for different types of small dogs. What price range do your Pomsky’s fall in please. Are they as good with children as a rule? Our Grandchildren live next door. They have a Bernese Mountain dog/Lab mix. He is a very gentle boy. We wondered if Pomsky are usually social dogs, because whichever breed we decide on will have to be Socialized with Chase, who so far has loved every animal he’s met. Sorry for the book I’ve written, but it’s very important to us to get as much info as possible before we take such a big step. Thank you, Lynda Card

    • Hi Lynda, thank you for your comment. So sorry for the loss of your beloved King. Pomskies tend to be a really nice mix of Husky silly and loyal married with the calmer nature of the Pomeranian. Our 6 Pomskies adore people and children. I have school aged children of my own and would trust any of my dogs with them inherently. They also are extremely social and love meeting new dogs as well. We have a summary of everything our puppies come with along with a typical price range on our webpage here: Best wishes, Christina

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