Exciting preparations are happening in what was once my living room and is now a puppy whelping room! Zia’s x-ray shows her single pup happily in mom’s tummy. Because this is her first pup and it’s a singleton, there is a higher risk for Zia requiring a c-section. We will do a pre-whelping exam on Saturday and Zia is due on Sunday. Please send some jingles to Zia for a smooth delivery and hopefully we will be showing off her puppy this weekend 🤞🙏🐾💕

7 Comments on “Exciting Preparations are Underway!

  1. That is such good news! Good luck to  Zia!! Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  2. I would love to put a downpayment for a puppy if it’s still available. We have been looking for so long for a new addition to the family. I hope the birth isn’t too hard on Zia. Good luck!

  3. So excited for Zia! ❤️ And to move up a little higher in the wait list! 😍❤️

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