Nootka welcomed an absolutely perfect little girl into the world on September 18, 2020, around 3:00am. Unfortunately, there were complications with the delivery, so this little angel was delivered by emergency c-section. Both Nootka and her daughter are doing extremely well and Nootka is an outstanding mother and so very stoic.

While the vet was operating on Nootka, she noted that Nootka’s uterus was in bad shape (which might be part of the reason why Nootka has absorbed so many of her pregnancies). We were hoping that Nootka and Eno were just incompatible, but now that Nootka has displayed the same challenges using a different stud (Groot), she will be retired from our breeding program.

It breaks our heart that Nootka will not be continuing to produce puppies since she is an absolutely amazing mother and a wonderful dog. But, we are so happy that she will instill her wonderful traits on her daughter, who will likely be just as magnificently fluffy as her mother.

4 Comments on “Nootka’s nugget has arrived!

  1. Such a beautiful baby girl and so happy that you are retiring Nootka so she can live out a happy healthy uncomplicated life.

  2. Oh no, im so sorry to hear about Nootka! Now that she is retiring, will you be finding her a new home or well she be taking over as pup babysitter? 🙂

    • Thank you, Christine. It’s very sad as she’s super stunning and an amazing mom! We plan on keeping her with us at this time, but if anything changes, we will make an announcement for applications for her.

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