While the world changed forever, 2020 brought so much love to so many people. We connected in ways we never have before across the continents, we spent more time at home and with those who are closest to us, and we welcomed new members to our homes and families to our pack.

Our 2020 saw 24 of our pups welcomed into new furever homes:

Ayasha x Eno April 2, 2020 F3 Pomsky Puppy “Pandemic Inspiration” Litter
Kuna x Eno April 10, 2020 F3 Pomsky Puppy “Lion King” Litter
Zia x Bentley and Nootka x Groot September 2020 “One Hit Wonder” singleton litters
Ayasha x Eno October 22, 2020 F3 Pomsky Puppy “Fortnite” Litter
Kuna x Eno October 29, 2020 F3 Pomsky Puppy “Cattle” Litter

We ourselves welcomed 4 new puppies to our pack: Creed (April 2 Pandemic litter), Tiva (USA), Brax (USA) and Jersey (October 29 Cattle litter).

We had a total of 43 new members join our Wait List, 21 of them are patiently waiting to take home a future pup.

We had 310 Qualification Applications submitted, and too many e-mails to track.

We reached over 1,270 likes on our Ontario Pomsky Puppies Facebook page, with 337 members of our Ontario Pomsky Puppies Group page, and our most popular post reaching 8,000 people! As such, we now have potential breeders in France, Portugal, Australia, Canada and the USA who are interested in obtaining on of our pups for their future Pomsky breeding program. We expanded our social media reach to include both Instagram, with over 900 followers, and most recently TikTok, with nearly 1,500 likes.

Aaaaaaand, to cap off 2020, after a monumental effort by several wonderful breeder friends in the US and their vets, an amazing flight nanny, a super broker, and an outstanding ground shipper, last night, December 31, 2020 at 11:18pm, I arrived home with a new man!!! Matrix is a 2-year old, 15 pound, F2 super sweet, low key kind of guy. We’re so excited to have him join our program as he consistently throws tons of small, husky masked pups (see the image of some of his past pups). Check out our updated Parents Page for more information on him. We will be using him VERY SOON in our program – stay tuned!

As always, we truly appreciate you joining us in our journey and we wish you a very happy, healthy, and exciting 2021! We will have more exciting news to share very, very soon!

1 Comment on “2020 Year in Review

  1. Congratulations !!! He is amazing! 2021 is my puppy year we cannot wait ! 💙

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