Ayasha was successfully bred (via artificial insemination) on February 13 with Jax, a 13 pound F2 chocolate wooly male. These pups would have a 50% chance of being chocolate/brown, most should be wooly, and all should have double blue eyes. As a back up, Ayasha was also successfully bred on February 14 (the day of love) to Eno! This will be our first dual-sired litter and we are hoping to have some amazing babies in hopefully mid-April.

Interesting fact: female dogs release ova for 48 hours to maximize fertilization and genetic diversity (through multiple suitors if possible). That’s also how we end up with calico cats 🐱

Kuna is showing signs of coming in to heat soon too. We had planned to pair her with Jax but since Ayasha carries the brown gene and Kuna does not, we switched our breeding plans. I wonder who we might have lined up for Kuna now…. <hint: check out our website!>

We are also super honoured and excited to be the first Internationally-approved breeder for the American Pomsky Kennel Club! We cannot wait to see our new litters’ registration papers that will also display their pedigrees!

We have a few updated snow photos of some of our pups as well.

Thank you as always for joining our pack!

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