We started off this week by celebrating Tiva x Creed F4 Pomsky puppies’ 3rd week on this planet hooray!!! New photos of these pups are now on our Puppy Page. Their adorable little personalities are really shining. They love toddling over with their little waggy tails all while trying not to tumble over. They’ve started to bark and even play growl, it’s adorable! These pups are still very tiny! Spotlight (our smallest) is currently only 1:9.6 pounds and charting to be under 9 pounds, while Domino (our biggest) is 2:2.6 pounds and currently charting to be just under 13 pounds (these weight predictions can change as they start to enjoy real puppy food next week!). Spotless and Dumpling are charting to be in the 11-12 pound range at this time.

Then… we found out that Ayasha in definitely expecting at least 4 puppies with Jax (13 pounds) and Eno (9 pounds). We are hoping for some more wooly pups from this litter and possibly some browns as well!

Then… Zia x Matrix F3 Pomsky puppies celebrated their 2nd week on this planet and they all have their little peepers open, most of them showing blue! All of these pups are currently in the 1:11.5 pound to 1:13.1 pound range. Photos are also on our Puppy Page.

And finally… we are so fortunate to have been entrusted with a beautiful and rare blue F2 Pomsky, Aoife (pronounced “Ee-fa”), who is an adorable little spitfire at only 5.66 pounds, charting to be around 16 pounds. She also carries brown to make lavender puppies as well! We love her reverse husky mask as well (the dark stripe going down her nose). We are super excited to have her in our future breeding program!

Stay tuned for more excitement next week! Thank you as always for joining our pack!

2 Comments on “What a fun and busy week we’ve had!

  1. Very exciting news indeed …❀️
    Such a special treat to see all these adorable puppies growing into their personalities.

    Can’t wait for the next chapter. Thanks Christina we appreciate all your hard work and efforts to bring us these updates and smile each week. πŸ₯°

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