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One week to go until our Wait List families get ready to bring home one of Tiva x Creed’s F4 adorable little cuties! 7 weeks old and still oh so wee (well, 3 out of 4 hahaha!)! These little nuggets are just the sweetest kiddos and are going to bring so much love to their new families.

  • Storm (Spotlight) 3:2.6 pounds charting to be 10-14 pounds
  • Dumpling: 3:11.4 pounds charting to be 12-16 pounds
  • Bucky (Spotless) 3:12.2 pounds charting to be 12-16 pounds
  • Guizmo (Domino) 5:4.1 pounds charting to be 17-22 pounds

Zia x Matrix F3 Pomsky puppies are 6 weeks old today! They have all been claimed by our Wait List members. These pups are so sweet and playful now and are still ranging 14(+5) to 22(+5) pounds at their current weights. Sterling, now Spike, is our biggest pup (aside: check out his amazing left eye that’s half blue half green!) followed closely by Ashton, now Rémy. Little Amaya is still the smallest of our litter followed by Grayson who is much less of a potato now and finally starting to really blossom his sweet little personality. Check out our amazing Arctic Fox cub (Tundra)!!!! Isn’t she stunning?

Ayasha is also in Stage 1 labour! We’re hoping to welcome her puppies very soon, stay tuned!

Thank you for following our pack. Keep well, stay safe.

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