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Where did this past week go? My goodness I can’t believe how many pupdates we have this week!

First, Tiva and Creed‘s F4 Pomsky puppies turned 8 weeks old on Tuesday. They all passed their vet inspection with flying colours and were absolute super stars! All of our pups have now met their new pawrents, except Dumpling who will be with us for another month until she is old enough to fly to Vancouver to meet her new family.

Guizmo traveled all the way to Quebec and we’ve heard he’s doing very well with his new family. Spotlight (now Storm) who has the coolest “N” pattern on her left side, found her way into the arms of a lovely “Nurse” from Brampton. Spotless (now Bucky) became a full member of his new Avenger family when met his amazing new doctor momma and proud pawpa today! We love how one of the first things our new families say is that they can’t believe how small their pups are because they look so much bigger in photos. Seeing how excited and happy these families were to meet our pups brought tears of joy to many of them (myself included). We can’t wait to get pupdates now from these amazing families.

Zia x Matrix F3 Pomsky puppies turned 7 weeks old on Thursday and will be going to their new families next week! They still have a fantastic size range of 15-24 (+5) pounds, with our smallest being Amaya and our largest being Sterling (now Spike).

And finally, Ayasha x Eno F3 puppies turned a week old on Friday. Although they haven’t changed much, they sure have started to become more chatty. Momma Ayasha is a superstar as always and Creed enjoys visiting his brothers and sisters when mom is outside for a break.

As always, thank you for joining our pack. Stay safe, keep well.

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Ontario Pomsky Puppies & Keurwood Equestrian

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