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Last Thursday, April 29, Zia x Matrix F3 Pomsky puppies turned 8 weeks old! Most of them met their new families over this past weekend, except Tundra who will fly out to Newfoundland this coming Thursday. Our new families were so excited to meet these adorable pups and so far we’ve received wonderful feedback that they are sleeping well through the night and using their litter boxes/going outside to potty very consistently! Tundra and Dumpling have been hanging out with Tallulah as a trifecta girls club and they are all enjoying each other’s company.

Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky puppies turned 2 weeks old on Friday, April 30. They all have their adorable little peepers open even though it’s still too early to tell for sure what colour they are, but we anticipate that most will be double blue given that’s Ayasha’s record thus far (knock on wood).

Finally, Kuna had her pre-whelping x-ray today. She was confirmed pregnant (Matrix is the sire of this litter) with FIVE puppies and is due on the FIFTH of May (month FIVE), so hoping for some super cool intermediate red intensity (like our Jersey girl from Kuan’s past litter) 5-5-5 Cinco de Mayo puppies!

As always, thank you for joining our pack! Keep well, stay safe.

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