Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky Personal Assistants litter is now 4 weeks old!!! They are starting to show their great personalities and are getting so fluffy. We will be contacting members of our Wait List soon to start arranging video meetings with these adorable pups.

  • Lyra 3:0.4 lbs charting to be 14-18 lbs
  • Bixby 3:15 lbs charting to be 19-24 lbs
  • Roku 4:4.2 lbs charting to be 20-26 lbs
  • Siri 3:11.2 lbs charting to be 17-22 lbs
  • Echo 3:4.4 lbs charting to be 15-20 lbs

Our Barkstreet Boys litter turned 1 week old on Thursday. Kuna x Matrix F3 Pomsky boys are all doing great and gaining weight every day. Our teeniest pup is Brian, followed by TC (Trick Carter). Biggest Pomsky Potato award goes to Kevin. Here are some fun unique markings we use to tell each pup apart:

  • Brian has a cool “arrow” white pattern behind his head (1:2.3 pounds)
  • TC is the only red intensity so he’s pretty easy to pick out (1:6.3 pounds)
  • Howlie has a crooked “i” at the back of his head (1:6.4 pounds)
  • Kevin has a tiny spot at the back of his neck (1:8.0 pounds)
  • AJ has a nose bar (1:7.3 pounds)

Finally, it’s time for a Brax update! Brax turned 8 months old on May 9 and he’s 15.5 pounds! He’s still a fireball of energy but maintains a suuuuper sweet disposition. He might not be able to sit still, but he can stealth kiss attack you to no end. He’s best buds with Creed and spends most his days hanging out with him, Sakari and Aoife. His silly Pomsky trait is “revving” one hind leg (imagine when you pull the motor cord to to start a lawnmower). We say it’s to get him wound up to go some more! Can’t wait to add this handsome man to our future breeding program.

Thank you for joining our pack! Stay safe, keep well!

2 Comments on “Paging all Pomsky Personal Assistants!

  1. Hello,I just received your email this morning with the cute Pomskies and I would like to get some more info and come see the available puppies this weekend.I can be reached at 647-326-9381Thank you 

    • Hi! Our puppies will be offered to members of our Wait List who have already begun selecting them. Cheers! Christina

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