Happy Friday Pupdate!!! Ayasha x Eno F3 puppies are 5 weeks old 😮 We’ve been spending a bit of time outside (boy has it been hot out) as well as in the puppy play room. These pups are bosses with their litter box as several of our Wait List members have seen during our video meetings. We’re still working on placing these pups with our Wait List members but so far Echo has been claimed, Siri is under contract and we’re still evaluating Lyra. Bixby and Roku have video meetings coming up as well. Here are their current weights and predictions:

  • Roku 5:2.9 charting to be 21-27 pounds
  • Siri 4:11.6 charting to be 19-25 pounds
  • Bixby 4:10.4 charting to be 19-25 pounds
  • Echo 3:14.3 charting to be 16-21 pounds
  • Lyra 3:11.1 charting to be 15-20 lbs

Kuna x Matrix F3 Pomsky Barkstreet Boys litter turned 2 weeks old yesterday (Thursday)! Kuna is such a rockstar momma and she tends to these boys non-stop. Some have gained more than a pound in a week! These little pork chops all have their eyes open except Howlie. Brian is still our smallest at 1:15.6 pounds and Howlie is our biggest at 2:8.0 pounds.

We have new photos of Matrix! Matrix is the sire of our Barkstreet Boys litter, and he’s a super cool kinda guy. He gets along with everyone he meets, and he couldn’t care less if a dog loves him or hates him, he just is who he is and that’s that. He loves to roll in fresh grass or snow and has a very loving personality. He’s around 18 pounds and has a grey and white coat. You can see more photos of him on our Pomsky Parents page.

Thank you for joining our pack! Stay safe, keep well.

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Family farm in-home raised and ethically bred Pomsky puppies. Distinguished sport horse breeding program in unique colours with Olympic pedigrees.