What a stunning group of puppies wow!!! Ayasha x Eno F3 Pomsky Personal Assistants litter puppies turned 6 weeks old today! I goofed and took photos of them yesterday thinking they were 6 weeks old and am so glad I did because it’s been snowing here today! These pups are so much fun and super interactive now. They all get so excited to see people and are having a blast exploring the garden, yard, indoor and outdoor puppy areas daily.

Echo and Lyra are both charting in the 16-21 pound range, Bixby (now Yoko) is charting 18-23 pounds, Siri is charting 20-25 pounds, and Roku is charting 23-27 pounds (but we all know it’s because of all his extra fluff!!!).

All of these puppies have now been chosen by members of our Wait List.

Kuna x Matrix F3 Pomsky Barkstreet Boys litter turned 3 weeks old yesterday! The these little chubbers are so cute I just want to cuddle them all day! They all look to have double blue eyes but it’s still a little early to tell for sure. They’re starting to find their wee little voices that will not be so wee in the next few weeks.

Weekly weigh in (all charting to be 15-25 pounds currently):

  • AJ 2:15.7
  • TC 3:1.1
  • Brain 2:13.4
  • Howlie 3:5.0
  • Kevin 3:9.8

We are so grateful to have wonderful families lined up for our puppies. So far, we’ve welcomed 6 new members to our Wait List in the month of May!

Thank you for your overwhelmingly amazing support of our breeding program, and as always, for joining our pack!

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