Barkstreet Boys F3 Pomsky puppies turned 4 weeks old on Thursday. They graduated to the bigger puppy pen including a litter box today! They also were super chill for their pedicure and delicious dewormer today too. They’ve started on some milk supplement food and are starting to become very playful! We’re going to be contacting our Wait List members in one short week to start setting up video meetings of these adorable boys.

  • AJ 3:10.5 pounds charting to be 19-24 pounds
  • Howlie 4:14.5 pounds charting to be 25-30 pounds
  • Kevin 4:3.1 pounds charting to be 22-27 pounds
  • TC 3:11.8 pounds charting to be 19-24 pounds
  • Brian 3:12.2 pounds charting to be 20-25 pounds

Our F3 Pomsky Personal Assistants litter turned 7 weeks old today. These pups are so playful and get so excited to see us. They still can’t wait to play out in the garden each day and get quite offended if they have to go in the huge outdoor puppy play area first. They each run up to me and my kids for love and attention and there’s no resisting these smooshable floofy faces. One more week until their new pawrents get to meet these cuties 🥰🐾

  • Lyra is 4.82 pounds charting to be 16-21 pounds
  • Roku is 7.34 pounds charting to be 24-29 pounds
  • Bixby, now Yoko, is 5.82 pounds charting to be 19-24 pounds
  • Echo, now Lasko, is 5.02 pounds charting to be 16-21 pounds
  • Siri is 7.04 pounds charting to be 23-27 pounds

Thank you for following our pack!

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Family farm in-home raised and ethically bred Pomsky puppies. Distinguished sport horse breeding program in unique colours with Olympic pedigrees.