Wait Liiiiist!!!! Your wait is over!!! Are you ready to meet your Barkstreet Boy? These F3 Pomskies are now 5 weeks old! We’ve added their weight and comments with each of their photos. We will be sending around an email to our Wait List members soon! Be sure to check your inbox! These boys are suuuuuper sweet. You don’t want to miss out on one of these heartthrobs. 💕🐾

  • AJ is 4:4.0 pounds charting to be 18-23 pounds. AJ is a quiet little sweetheart who loves to give kisses and cuddle. He would rather snuggle than play and adores being as close as he can to people.
  • TC is 4:7.1 pounds charting to be 18-23 pounds. TC is more curious and likes to explore, but he also loves giving kisses. He likes to cuddle and enjoys playing with his brothers.
  • Brian is 4:10.8 pounds charting to be 19-24 pounds. Brian is the most confident of the group. He loves to pester his brothers and play, but will also gladly give kisses and cuddles.
  • Kevin is 4:13.9 pounds charting to be 20-25 pounds. Kevin is a cool guy and is mellow as can be. He is a jolly fellow and loves to give kisses.
  • Howlie is 6:3.2 pounds and charting to be 25-30+ pounds. Howlie’s a big boy with a huge heart and he is all about love. He adores giving cuddles and kisses. He’s also super laid back.

VIDEO: Kuna x Matrix May 2021 litter – 4.5 weeks old https://youtu.be/AjH5j1uqJ6k

TC (far left), AJ (resting his head on my son), Kevin (cuddling in with my son and AJ), Howlie (giving my son face kisses non stop), and Brian (far right)

Have you ever wanted to see what our Pomskies are actually like in person? We’ve started to add videos of our adults to our Pomsky Parents Page. Check out our crazy, goofy and sweet dogs! Eno, Matrix, Creed, Zia, Kuna and Ayasha all have videos, some even with fun videos of them as puppies!

Thank you for joining our pack! Be safe, keep well!

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