Our F3 Barkstreet Boys litter turned 6 weeks old on Thursday! We’ve already started to introduce them to potential future families! These boys are still suuuuper chill. TC is the most outgoing and adventurous, AJ is all about snuggles, Howlie is all about kisses, Brain is as cool as a cucumber and Kevin just takes everything in stride. They would still rather puppy cuddle puddle with us then be put in front of a camera… well except TC. He’s all about the fame 🤣

  • AJ McLayin’ Down is 5:1.6 pounds charting to be 19-24 pounds
  • Trick Carter (TC) is 5:7.1 pounds charting to be 19-24 pounds
  • Kevin Fetchardson is 5:15.6 charting to be 21-26 pounds
  • Brian Licktrell is 6:1.6 pounds charting to be 22-27 pounds
  • Howlie Doruff is 7.92 pounds charting to be 30-35 pounds

Here are some fun outtakes of these goofballs too:

If you are joining us on our Facebook page, we posted a cute video of the pups playing in the puppy room: Video link

Thank you for joining our pack!

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