Check out our upcoming line up that we have planned for our next litters!

Anticipated pairing for December 2021. F4 puppies would be expected around February 2022 around the 16 pound mark, blue eyes, standard and wooly coats, black, brown, blue, lavender coat colours possible.

Dam: Tiva (F3), 16.6 lbs

Colour Panel: EE awa Dd Bb DupDup

Sire: Brax (F3), 16.5 lbs

Colour Panel: EE awat Dd bb DupDup

Anticipated pairing for January 2022. F4x puppies would be expected around March 2022 around the 15-20 pound mark, blue eyes, standard and wooly coats, black and white, brown, blue, lavender colour carriers possible.

Dam: Sakari (F3x), 23.0 lbs

Colour Panel: Ee awa Dd BB DupDup

Sire: Creed (F3), 14.0 lbs

Colour Panel: EE awaw DD Bb DupDup

Anticipated pairing for February 2022. F4 puppies would be expected around April 2022 around the 16-18 pound mark, standard and wooly coats, brown and lavender coat colours possible.

Dam: Aster (F3), 18.0 lbs

Colour Panel: EE awa Dd bb NN

Sire: Brax (F3), 16.5 lbs

Colour Panel: EE awat Dd bb DupDup

We find out in a few short weeks if we are expecting Ayasha x Brax puppies in October. Fingers crossed!!!

Guardian Home Search!

We are on the look out for a temporary or permanent Guardian home arrangement for Brax. Brax is a super sweet lovable guy. He gets along very well with other dogs, cats and adores people and can’t seem to give them enough kisses. He is a high energy boy and loves to do several laps in the house before settling down. He loves playing fetch. He has never been destructive in the house; however, at least with having breeding females in our house, he occasionally will mark in the house. Not sure if this would continue in a home without breeding females but we will send him with male belly bands (boy diapers) just in case they are needed. Brax is crate trained and leash trained. His recall isn’t great so a home that has a fully fenced yard is a must. Brax also likes to dig under fences so this home would need to ensure they monitor the fence line regularly for new tunnels. Since becoming a breeding dog, Brax spends far too much time at our farm trying to figure out how to get to the girls even if they are not ready to breed. Brax would be perfect in a home with other altered dogs or as a single dog or with cats/other pets. Guardian families would need to bring Brax to our farm when he is required for breeding duties only, which is usually only for a few hours, 3 times a week when our females are cycling (twice a year per female but not all will be paired with Brax).

The benefit of being a Guardian family is that you can care for one of our dogs for s short amount of time, or permanently if they work out well with your family. The breeding dogs are used by our program until they are no longer required for breeding, at which point, they are spayed/neutered at our cost and retired to our Guardian families.

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian family for Brax, please fill out a Qualification Application if you have not done so already, or message us at if you would like more information.

Thank you for joining our pack!

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