Zia x Brax F3 Pomsky pups are a week old! Holy smokes that went by fast! We’ve come up with a name theme of our Back to School litter. Each pup has their 1 week weight and a description of their scholastic inspired names below. Look at how much white they’ve developed in the past week. Wow what a stunning bunch!

Athena – Greek goddess of wisdom, 1:5.9 pounds

Rosey – named after the renowned Le Rosey school in Switzerland, 1:7.4 pounds

Isis – Egyptian goddess of wisdom, magic and kingship. She was said to be “more clever than a million gods”, 1:4.8 pounds

Harvard – one of the all time best schools in the USA, 1:13.6 pounds (BIG boy!)

Flade – One of the oldest known schools estimated to be built in the 7th Century in St. Gallen, Switzerland, founded by Saint Othmar, 1:5.6 pounds


Ayasha and Brax are expecting pups around October 12/13!!

For some genetic fun, all pups will be EE kyky awaw/awat Bb/bb DD/Dd DupDup and 100% clear! Ayasha carries the double wooly TT gene as well and Brax is GT so pups will be TT/GT. In a nutshell, we’re expecting lots of blue eyed pups, black and brown coats, and all wooly or plush coat.

Super duper excited to see these pups.

We are in the midst of a move to a new farm, so apologize for delayed notifications and replies at this time.

Thank you for joining our pack!

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