We are so sorry for the late pupdate: the move to our new farm didn’t quite go as planned, but better late than never, right?

Here are Zia x Brax F3 Pomsky pups who turned 3 weeks old on Sep 29. Their little personalities are really starting to show. Isis is a super sweeet snuggle bug. Harvard is all about exploring to find food – where’s the food!? Flade is still his vocal self and very confident. Rosey and Athena are quieter and just starting to show some interest in exploring.

Weigh ins:

  • Isis 2:13.5 pounds
  • Athena 2:13 pounds
  • Harvard 3:8.9 pounds
  • Rosie 2:14.5 pounds
  • Flade 2:12 pounds

Pups had their first goat milk + honey meal yesterday and loved it!!! They also got a puppy pen upgrade today too and enjoyed playing with toys and exploring the litter box set up.

Rosey in a food coma 😉

Our Wait List members will be contacted in about 1.5 weeks to start meeting these adorable pups!!!

Annnnnnd….. don’t forget about Ayasha who is also due with Brax pups in less than 2 weeks, eeek!!!!! Ayasha is SOOOOOO big! More excitement to come soon!!!!

Thank you for joining our pack!

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Family farm in-home raised and ethically bred Pomsky puppies. Distinguished sport horse breeding program in unique colours with Olympic pedigrees.