Pomsky Puppies in Poppies – Our beautiful Pomsky pups from Ayasha and Brax turned 4 weeks old on November 11, Remembrance Day in Canada. As a tribute to the brave men and women, as well as the many war animals, that fought for the freedom of others, our puppies adorned beautiful poppies for their photoshoot. Lest We Forget.

Weekly Weigh-Ins:

  • Pumpkin 3.68 pounds (+1.30)
  • Arista 3.21 pounds (+1.12)
  • Hazel 3.55 pounds (+1.31)
  • Maple 3.11 pounds (+1.20)
  • Maize 3.31 pounds (+1.19)
  • Autumn 3.06 pounds (+1.00)

We will be sending out their 5 week photo and video update hopefully tomorrow as well as our Puppy Selection Notification to our Wait List members! Can you believe that it’s time for these pups to start meeting their potential future families? Wait List members be sure to check your emails!

As an exciting early present, Tiva came into heat more than a month earlier than expected. She and Brax were successfully bred last week. We will find out just before Christmas if these two are expecting some potentially amazing rainbow of coat colours (possibilities are black, brown, blue and lavender!). Stay tuned!

We finally got the results in for Creed’s Arctic Spitz and Pomsky Virtual show. He was crowned Grand Champion of Class 2, 6-18 month Confirmation, with all 3 judges of the show unanimously placing him FIRST! The video of his class can be seen on Creed’s page here.

As always, thank you for joining our pack!

4 Comments on “A Pupdate to Remember

  1. Such amazing pictures as always.

    Congratulations Creed!! well done Christina …. You should be very proud indeed .


  2. Thank you for all the updates Christina! All your pups are so amazing and gorgeous just like the person who cares for them! 🥺💕 I can’t wait for my turn to receive a sweet bean.

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