Ayasha x Brax F3 puppies are perfection!!! 5 weeks old today and boy our Wait List has some hard choices to make! These puppies are just adorable and so sweet! They are quite a quiet litter too and did I mention they are rocking litter box training?!

Weekly weigh-ins:

  • Arista 4.26 lbs (+1.05) charting to be 20-25 pounds
  • Hazel 4.64 lbs (+1.09) charting to be 21-27 pounds
  • Pumpkin 4.93 lbs (+1.22) charting to be 23-30 pounds
  • Maize 4.13 lbs (+0.82) charting to be 19-24 pounds
  • Maple 3.99 lbs (+0.88) charting to be 19-24 pounds
  • Autumn 3.66 lbs (+0.60) charting to be 18-23 pounds

Wait List members please check your emails for your Puppy Selection Notifications. We will begin scheduling meetings with these pups this weekend!

Creed and Tiva‘s OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) results have come back and both received a Normal/Pass score for Elbows and Patellas with no evidence of dysplasia. Tiva had just started her heat cycle and received a Fair grading for her Hips (possibly a little more loose due to her heat, but a passing score nonetheless), while Creed received a Good grading for Hips.

As always, thank you for joining our pack!

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