Ayasha x Brax F3 puppies turned SIX weeks old yesterday! Holy smokes where does the time go? These pups are so cute and love to cuddle and play. All of our brown boys were the first to be claimed by members of our Wait List. Can you tell we haven’t made many brown pups yet? Well, we sure hope to have a bunch more in 2022 but for now, feast your eyes on these adorable pups.

Maize and Hazel have also been chosen and we are now working on placing Arista, who is our breeder pick that we have decided not to keep for our program (due to our new house build and possibly not keeping more pups for our program while we are in transit might be the better option). Who will be the lucky family to claim Arista? Stay tuned!

Weekly weigh-ins:

  • Autumn 4.08 lbs (+0.42) charting to be 18-23 lbs
  • Pumpkin 5.74 lbs (+0.81) charting to be 24-30 lbs
  • Maple 4.58 lbs (+0.59) charting to be 19-24 lbs
  • Arista 4.92 lbs (+0.66) charting to be 20-25 lbs
  • Hazel 5.26 lbs (+1.02) charting to be 22-27 lbs
  • Maize 4.62 lbs (+0.49) charting to be 19-24 lbs

As always, thank you for joining our pack!

5 Comments on “We’re almost done placing our puppies with their new families!

  1. Arista is beautiful! How much is she?

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    • Thank you, Amanda! We’re still working through our Wait List members, but if Arista does become available, we will post her price on our website within the next week. Cheers!

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