Our F3 Pomsky Fall litter turned 7 weeks old yesterday and they have all found their furever families! These playful pups have been learning “sit” this past week and they’re all doing super! One more week with these precious pups before they meet their new pawrents just in time for the holidays! We took extra photos of these gorgeous pups enjoying the snow.

Weekly weigh-ins (we had a food indulgence week 🤣):

  • Pumpkin 7.36 lbs (+1.62) charting to be 25-32 lbs
  • Maize 6.22 (+1.60) charting to be 20-28 lbs
  • Autumn 5.14 lbs (+1.06) charting to be 19-24 lbs
  • Hazel 6.54 lbs (+1.28) charting to be 22-28 lbs
  • Maple 5.96 lbs (+1.38) charting to be 19-27 lbs
  • Arista 6.34 lbs (+1.42) charting to be 21-29 lbs

Creed also had a great time playing in the snow. Here, he displays his best arctic Meerkat impression!

Thank you for joining our pack!

2 Comments on “7 week old pupdate in the snow!

  1. Your puppies are beautiful…I want one soooo bad. One day I will. Thank you for being an exceptional breeder who genuinely cares for your litters. God Bless.

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