Holy moly, her Majesty’s “Royal Canines” F3 Pomsky litter are FOUR weeks old today!! They are soooo cute and starting to be very interactive.

Pickles loves coming up to see what he can chew on after he’s woofed a few times. Willow is incredibly brave and super interested in people (but slightly terrified of the outdoors 😅), Lissy is calm and playful and loves to cuddle. Dookie is so squishably cute, calm and cuddly – he looks almost identical to his dad, Creed, at this age, but he has his uncle Neo’s nose spot (Creed’s full brother).

Momma Aoife has been tending to them so well that they really aren’t interested in trying my delicious goat milk and honey mixture just yet, but hopefully soon they’ll get an appetite for new foods.

***Our Wait List members will get to start selecting these puppies NEXT WEEK 😱🥰

Weekly weigh-ins:

  • Dookie – 2.26 pounds, charting 11-18 pounds
  • Lissy – 2.13 pounds, charting 10-17 pounds
  • Willow – 2.24 pounds, charting 11-18 pounds
  • Pickles – 3.46 pounds, charting 20-30 pounds

Brax is visiting us while his guardian family is on vacation, so we took the opportunity to get some new photos of him. Brax (and his babies) are professional squinters and the struggle is real to get photos of them with their eyes open (see photo #1). But I think we got a couple really nice ones of him after a few attempts 😅

Stay tuned for more exciting news as Tiva goes in for her puppy count x-Ray tomorrow!

As always, thank you for joining our pack!

2 Comments on “Are they really 4 weeks old already!?

  1. Christina they are all adorable but Luzzy takes my heart!! Shhhh don’t tell Tallulah

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