Our F4 Pomsky “Brightest Stars” litter sired by Maikoh and out of Tiva are now FIVE weeks old! You know what that means? Wait List members check your emails! We will be sending around your puppy selection notification very soon! These puppies are incredible!

Sirius, our stunning wooly(?) coat blue boy, is sweet and sensitive, and he enjoys being cuddled and giving kisses. Sirius is runner up glutton of the week, 2.83 pounds (+0.70 pounds), charting 12-18 pounds.

Vega, our lovely wooly coat black girl, is a calm, sweet girl who loves greeting people with kisses. Vega is 2.68 pounds (+0.70 pounds), charting 11-17 pounds.

Rigel, our handsome standard coat black boy, is a confident explorer always off on a new adventure and trying to rally his siblings to play. Rigel is 2.79 pounds (+0.56 pounds), charting 11-17 pounds.

Capella, our adorable standard coat black coat girl, is a spitfire and sassy but oh so sweet. She has endless energy and kisses to give. Capella is 2.70 pounds (+0.59 pounds), charting 11-17 pounds.

Tiaki, our regal wooly coat black girl, is independent and easy going. She’s cool and calm. Tiaki is 3.19 pounds (+0.86 pounds), charting 13-20 pounds. Tiaki win the glutton of the week award. Isn’t it funny that she was the smallest at birth?

Wezen, our irresistible standard coat blue boy, is all about tail waggin and loving. He gives the best kisses. Wezen is 2.61 pounds (+0.52 pounds), charting 11-17 pounds.

These pups have grown so much (some of it because they are absolutely endulging in their puppy food) but the bone that Maikoh has put on them is becoming very evident in some of the pups whereas others look more refined like their momma Tiva (we’ve added a cute video of Tiva on our Parent’s Page as well if you want to see this lovely girl).

Here is their 5-week old video: https://youtu.be/irbHjOAcEc4

Thank you as always for joining our pack!

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