Akela had us up all night as we excitedly welcomed 6 gorgeous Pomsky pups from 1:35am-8:45am!

Akela somehow found and ATE an old bent thumb tack that luckily passed with a little veterinary assistance and without any harm to Akela just a day before these pups were born (we actually saw it during her pregnancy x-ray much to our surprise!).

So, in honour of our very special thumb tack-eating momma, we are pleased to present:

Our Office Supply Brands litter:

  • Dixon: 1:35am – 8.9 oz black boy
  • Brewster: 2:15am – 10.2 oz black boy
  • Parker: 2:47am – 8.4 oz brown boy
  • Avery: 3:58am – 7.2 oz silver girl
  • Neenah: 5:30am – 7.5 oz silver girl
  • Cisco: 8:45am – 10.4 oz silver boy

Akela is being super attentive to her pups and an amazing first time momma. Creed and Brax dual sired this litter and we will perform a parentage test to determine which pup belongs to which sire. Any early guesses?

These pups will first be offered to members of our Wait List around 5 weeks of age.

As always, thank you for joining our pack!

9 Comments on “Puppies are here!

    • We will know once the Wait List makes their choices around 5 weeks of age. Please keep an eye on the posts as we will list any that are available outside of the Wait List 🐾

      • Looking for a small male if available thank you

  1. Well done Akela! Congrats to all three puppy parents…

    But, oh my gosh, I know it it waaaaay to soon for me to feel this way, but, wherever Neenah goes for her forever home, she will take a piece of my heart with her.

  2. What an adorable group of puppies. My favorite is Avery can’t wait to see them grow

  3. So sweet … way to go Akela

    I would say Parker is Brax’s and all the rest are Creeds

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