We have some exciting 3 week pupdates for our adorable Pomsky puppies that are becoming much more interactive and changing every day!

Akela x Creed/Brax F3 Pomsky puppy 📌Office Supply Brands📎 litter are really starting to show their little personalities.

Dixon is quite silly and playful, while Parker is becoming so active exploring the pen. They all appear to have blue or mostly blue eyes at this point but their eye colour is still becoming more clear with each day. The pups had their first nail trim yesterday and were super 💫

3-week weigh-ins:

✏️ Dixon – 2 pounds 0.5 oz (+8.2 oz) black boy

📜 Brewster – 1 pounds 15.4 oz (+7.8 oz) black/grey boy

🖊️ Parker – 1 pounds 11.1 oz (+7.0 oz) red/brown boy

🏷️ Avery – 1 pounds 7.4 oz (+5.3 oz) silver/grey girl

🖍️ Neenah – 1 pounds 10.1 oz (+7.0 oz) silver/grey girl

📞 Cisco – 2 pounds 1.0 oz (+7.2 oz) silver/grey boy

Sakari x Creed F4x Pomsky Elements litter are getting so fluffy and alert but are fabulous cuddle bugs!

Flare and Kaolin continued to 🐷out on momma’s all-you-can-eat buffet this week, while Breeze and Splash were more civilized with their dining etiquette 😋

3-week weigh-ins:

💨 Breeze – 2 pounds 3.8 oz (+7.9 oz) black/grey girl

💦 Splash – 2 pounds 1.3 oz (+5.9 oz) black boy

🔥 Flare – 2 pounds 14.6 oz (+13.3 oz) black girl

🪨 Kaolin – 2 pounds 11.6 oz (+12.7 oz) black girl

Our Pomsky pups will first be offered to members of our Wait List around 5 weeks of age.

We also had some special birthdays to celebrate yesterday. Hard to believe Creed turned 3 years old! The first pup we bred and kept back for our program is now such a well-known Pomsky sire with so many fans and followers. Creed is an incredibly empathetic guy, always by my side. He is silly and full of antics. He is an absolute sweetheart of a dad and will try to jump in with the pups any chance he can get. At only 14 pounds he is the icon of our breeding program and continues to make incredible pups, like his 9.4 pound daughter, Jubilee, who will hopefully be a momma later this year.

Also, our lovely lavender Pomsky future momma, 💜 Harmony 💜 turned a year old yesterday and weighed in just a hair under 12 pounds.

Thank you for joining our pack!

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