We hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter weekend. We had a beautiful weekend with our family and our Pomskies.

Our F3 Pomsky puppy 📌Office Supply Brands📎 litter out of Akela and Brax/Creed are 4 weeks old! Oh my goodness where does the time go we’re already half way until home time!

These pups are incredible, absolutely incredible! We’ve had a busy week with so many changes – their personalities are really shining and they are becoming so interactive and playful. Their tails wag whenever they see me and they’ve started on their puppy mush and are doing so well! We also increased to the next bigger pen with litter boxes to start them with their litter training.

These pups are still so incredibly tiny and are charting to be the perfect sizes! Four (4) week weigh-ins:

🖊️ Parker: 2 pounds 2.5 oz (+6.4 oz) , charting 12-17 pounds. Parker is a little ham and knows how stinking cute he is. He’s more on the chill side but enjoys engaging in play and giving kisses.

📜 Brewster: 2 pounds 8.1 oz (+7.5 oz), charting 15-20 pounds. Brewster is so calm and sweet and will wag his tail and come over to lick my face and hands.

🏷️ Avery: 1 pound 14.4 oz (+6.2 oz), charting 8-13 pounds. Avery is a very chill little girl who also likes giving kisses. She has found her true calling though and wants to compete in an all-you-can eat buffet because girl can pound back the puppy mush!

✏️ Dixon: 2 pounds 10.1 oz (+8.8 oz), charting 15-20 pounds. Dixon is the happiest boy and will come right up to me, tail wagging, and try to climb into my hands.

🖍️ Neenah: 2 pounds 2.4 oz (+7.3 oz), charting 12-17 pounds. Neenah is a spitfire and packs a whole lot of Pomsky personality into her teeny body. She insists on coming up to me in the pen to play and lick my face. She is the most vocal in the group and is a complete sass pot!

📞 Cisco: 2 pounds 8.8 oz (+6.6 oz), charting 15-20 pounds. Cisco is soooo laid back and chill. He’s just a cool, sweetheart of a guy.

Sakari x Creed F4x Pomsky “Elements” litter pups are now 4 weeks old! These pups have become so active and observant and insist on coming up to us when they see us for kisses and pets. They are all suuuuuper sweethearts. They’ve also started on their puppy mush and litter box training this week.

Four (4) week weigh-ins:

💨 Breeze (girl) – 2 pounds 11.0 oz (+7.2 oz), charting to be 16-22 pounds. Breeze is a quieter girl but so sweet and loves to cuddle.

💦 Splash (boy) – 2 pounds 7.7 oz (+6.4 oz), charting to be 16-22 pounds. Splash is such a love bug and the best snuggler. He also is a goofy boy and has been showing us a very playful side.

🔥 Flare (girl) – 3 pounds 11.6 oz (+13 oz), charting to be 25-35 pounds. Flare is very interested in people and will come up for kisses and pets. She has a lovely calm personality.

🪨 Kaolin (girl) – 3 pounds 6.7 oz (+11.1 oz), charting to be 25-35 pounds. Kaolin has the most amazing RBF/side eye but don’t let that fool you. She’s a calm sweetheart who also loves to cuddle.

Next week our Wait List will be able to choose from these pups. If any of these pups are passed by our Wait List, they will be posted on our Available Puppies page.

We also celebrated our Charcuterie litter’s (Ayasha x Brax) first birthday today! Here are photos of what these pups look like now!

Finally, we took an incredible photo of our blue girl, Aoife. She is waaaaay overdue for her heat cycle and we cannot wait for her to get baby fever so we can pair her with one of our boys. She gave us an incredible litter with Creed back in September and we are anxious to have her be a super momma for us again.

Thank you for joining our pack! Stay tuned for our exciting puppy selections next week as our pups hopefully find their furever families!

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