It’s the moment we’ve been anticipating – our Pomsky puppies will start meeting potential future families this week!

Our incredible F3 Pomsky puppies out of Akela and by Creed/Brax are now 5 weeks old 😱

These pups are incredibly sweet and playful but also love to be picked up and cuddled. Some put on a bit more weight than others this week with the delicious puppy mush they’ve been getting while still having mom’s milk too 😋 so we’ve conservatively charted their weights for this week.

📌Office Supply Brands📎 five (5) week weigh-ins:

✏️ Dixon: 3.63 pounds (+0.99 pounds), charting 18-25 pounds

📜 Brewster: 3.04 pounds (+ 0.54 pounds), charting 17-23 pounds

🖊️ Parker: 2.60 pounds (+ 0.44 pounds), charting 13-18 pounds

🏷️ Avery: 2.51 pounds (+ 0.61 pounds), charting 11-16 pounds

🖍️ Neenah: 2.60 pounds (+ 0.45 pounds), charting 13-18 pounds

📞 Cisco: 2.84 pounds (+ 0.29 pounds), charting 16-22 pounds

Videos of these pups are now available here:

Our stunning F4x Pomsky puppies out of Sakari and by Creed are also now 5 weeks old 🤯

These pups are so interactive and love to play, snuggle and explore. They have really been developing their playful personalities and adore people.

Element 🌎 litter five (5) week weigh-ins:

💨 Breeze (female): 2.86 pounds (+ 0.17 pounds), charting 16-22 pounds

💦 Splash (male): 2.83 pounds (+ 0.35 pounds), charting 16-22 pounds

🪨 Kaolin (female): 3.79 pounds (+ 0.10 pounds), charting 23-32 pounds

🔥 Flare (female): 4.24 pounds (+ 0.51 pounds), charting 24-33 pounds

Videos of these pups are now available here:

Our Wait List members have been sent their Puppy Selection Notification email and will begin choosing which pups they would like to meet for possible placement in 3 short weeks. If any pups are available outside of our Wait List, they will be posted on our website by the end of this week.

Any puppies that are not claimed by our Wait List members will be posted with a price on our Puppy Page by the end of the week.

Wait List members be sure to check your emails for your Puppy Selection Notification.

Click here to learn more about our puppy adoption process.

As always, thank you for joining our pack!

2 Comments on “It’s Time! Puppy Selection Time is Now!

  1. Love Parker if he’s still available

    On Mon, Apr 17, 2023 at 11:35 AM * Ontario Pomsky Puppies * Keurwood

    • Hi Carmine, we’re contacting Wait List members now for our available pups. I can let you know if any are available outside of our Wait List. Many thanks!

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