Holy smokes I’ve been on hiatus! Apologies for the delay with this pupdate – we have been busy!

Our F3 Pomsky puppy 📌Office Supply Brands📎 litter (Akela x Creed/Brax) are now 8 weeks old, so this is our final group pupdate 😭💕🐾

This has been an incredible group of puppies; each one so perfect, so sweet and so gorgeous!! Our fan favourites for this litter were Parker and Avery, and we’ve included a special headshot of both in the group photos below as well.

Neenah (now Hazel), Avery (now Maggie) and Dixon (now Storm) have already gone to their new homes. Cisco and Brewster will most likely meet their new families this coming weekend. Parker… little sweet Parker, needs a bit more time with us to help gain more confidence so he will stay with us for now. We have not placed him at this time until we find the most absolute perfect family for this very sweet little boy.

Final 8-week weigh-ins:

  • 🖊️ Parker: red/brown boy – 4.09 pounds, charting to be 12-17 pounds
  • 🏷️ Avery: silver girl – 4.49 pounds, charting to be 13-18 pounds
  • 🖍️ Neenah: silver girl – 4.45 pounds, charting to be 13-18 pounds
  • 📞 Cisco: silver boy – 4.70 pounds, charting to be 14-20 pounds
  • 📜 Brewster: black boy – 5.23 pounds, charting to be 15-21 pounds
  • ✏️ Dixon: black boy – 5.87 pounds, charting to be 17-23 pounds

Our new Pomsky families are in for a big surprise… we had the pleasure of working with Incredible Inedibles who helped create a custom crochet Pomsky that is stuffed with our pup’s momma’s fur for our pups to snuggle at their new homes 🥺 (see the wonderful end result in the photos below – Avery’s photo also shows her with one as well).

We had almost a full week of rain, so here are some extra photos we took of the pups enjoying some time with Creed around the farm.

And… our F4 Pomsky Elements 🌎 litter (Sakari x Creed) puppies are 8 weeks old. These pups adore people! The kisses, the excitement, the tail wags are non-stop with these Fab Four! The three girls have gone on to meet their new families but Splash will stay with us until his new family can pick him up at the end of this month. So be prepared for more Splash spam!

Final 8-week weigh-ins:

  • 💨 Breeze (now Skyler) – 3.93 pounds, charting to be 12-17 pounds
  • 💦 Splash – 4.46 pounds, charting to be 13-18 pounds
  • 🪨 Kaolin (now Zoey) – 5.86 pounds, charting to be 17-23 pounds
  • 🔥 Flare (now Vera) – 6.78 pounds, charting to be 19-26 pounds

To learn more about our Pomsky puppies please check out our Puppy Adoption Process page.

Aoife is ⭐️ OFFICIAL OFA ⭐️

Hips = Good ✅
Patella = Normal ✅
Elbows = Normal ✅

OFA – Orthopedic Foundation for Animals – Yet another step we’re taking in our attempts to produce the best and healthiest Pomsky puppies possible 💕🐾

And finally, stay tuned to see who this gorgeous 11 pound boy from our friends at Archangel Pomskies in Alberta was visiting a few weeks ago… more to come!

Thank you as always for joining our pack!

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