Confirmed! Zia is pregnant but the vet could only see *one* very healthy embryo. Here’s hoping she and Bentley are cooking up the most amazing baby (like the one on the right!). This is Zia’s first pregnancy! Due date is around September 12.

Confirmed! Nootka has been confirmed pregnant with Groot babies! Unfortunately… she has absorbed at least 2 of the embryos already. The vet saw 2 more embryos but we will recheck her in 1.5 weeks to see how those pregnancies are doing. Nootka’s progesterone levels were perfect so we’re still trying to figure out why she keeps absorbing her pregnancies. Please send Nootka some pawsitive jingles that she keeps these 2 remaining embryos. Her due date is around September 14.

9 Comments on “Confirmed September 2020 Litters

  1. Awwww Zia and Nootka please keep me update we will be more than happy to adopt the new born baby❤❤❤❤

    • Thank you, Arti! Members of our Wait LIst will be able to select puppies from the upcoming litters first. We currently have 23 members on our Wait List so I do not anticipate having any pups available outside of our Wait List this time around, but please keep checking. Thank you for following us!

    • Hi Tamara, we’re hoping to have pups available in that gorgeous red/chocolate colour for several of our upcoming litters 🙂

  2. Hello Chris. Are the Zia and Bentley puppies Spoken for? They are gorgeous!! And Bentley was a name we have shortlisted. I have not yet filled out an application. I just found you as breeders. Thank you. Lara

    • Hi Lara, thank you for your message! The vet only saw one embryo for Zia, so it’s most likely the pup will be claimed by our Wait List. We will find out early September by x-ray if she’s hiding any more, but they too will likely not be available outside of our Wait List.

  3. Hi Chris! Are there any updates on Zia or Nootka? Due dates are soon aren’t they? Hoping both are healthy and doing well.
    (I’m on waitlist but not expecting a pup until a few litters from now, just wanted to check in 🙂 )

    • Great timing!!! We just got Zia’s x-ray results today and will be sending a blast very soon! Nootka will have her x-ray Friday. Ayasha has her pregnancy check the following week, and Kuna the week after! Fingers crossed!!!

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