We’ve waited a very long time to find the perfect addition to our breeding program, and here he is! Please welcome Brax to our future papas group! Brax is a gorgeous brown wooly boy who is charting to be in the 16-17 pound range. His brown colour is recessive so bred to black base dogs, only those females who also carry brown will have 50% black coat and 50% brown coat puppies. You can see more about Brax on our Pomsky Parents page.

Brax also carries a cool dilute gene, as does Tiva, who also carries the brown gene too! When bred together, genetically they could have black coat, blue coat, brown coat and lavender coat pups. Blue and lavender are very rare colours!

And finally, we worked out a very special arrangement and our gorgeous little girl, Aster, will be a future momma for us for at least one (1) litter. We do plan on pairing her with Brax because she too, carries the dilute gene. So, we would expect 50% brown coat and 50% lavender coat puppies.

Aster and Brax

We are very excited about adding more interesting and unique coat colours and patterns to our program. Thank you for continuing to follow us!

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