Zia and Matrix welcomed a most stunning litter of F3 (3rd generation) Pomsky puppies this morning starting at 1:21am with the arrival of our first silver boy! Then two more silver boys followed. All 3 silver boys have perfect Husky markings! We also had our first all white female who looks to be wooly (see the photo below of what we’re hoping she might look like when she’s a bit older). Finally, we had 2 gorgeous black girls who have the same cheek and eyebrow highlights as big brother, Mickey, so they will undergo some amazing changes and become more white with time. These pups ranged in size from 10.4 oz (Raven) to 11.6 oz (Grayson). Several should be wooly and we are expecting mostly blue eyes.

All 6 pups are doing well and momma Zia is taking super care of them! We will be testing the two black girls to see if we might keep one for our breeding program. These puppies will undoubtedly be snatched up by our lucky Wait List members around 4-5 weeks of age.

An all-white wooly Pomsky example of what Tundra might look like

Also, Kuna is currently in heat. Because this litter is so amazing, we will be pairing Kuna with Matrix this time around. Fingers crossed for some more stunning silver pups in April!

Finally, we’ve added some examples of the beautiful coat lengths (standard, plush and wooly) and colours we’ve now produced in our program on our About Pomskies page. We will update the images as our puppies grow.

Thank you again for joining us!

6 Comments on “Zia x Matrix F3 Pomsky Puppies have arrived!

  1. They are stunning! Congratulations! I love Sterling and Tundra the most! 🤍

  2. Congratulations!!
    So happy to hear all are healthy and mom is doing well.
    Looking forward to seeing their progress. 💕

  3. They are so adorable … oh my goodness an all white one !! Must say Tundra would be my pick .
    Congratulations and glad all are doing well.
    Can’t wait to see what they look like as they grow . These are exciting times 🥰

  4. Thank you so much, Caroline! Funny so many breeders avoid the all white pups but Tundra has been the most popular little lady from this litter so far!

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