Our Back to School litter by Zia and Brax turned 7 weeks old on Wednesday! They are full of mischief and fun, and they love playing outside with us as well as with their besties, Creed, Tiva, Tallulah and Sakari, who are *the best* babysitters ever! Check out our FaceBook page to see a great video of them!

All of these amazing pups have found their furever families with our Wait List members and will be heading to their new homes in just over a week!

Weekly weigh-ins:

  • Flade 5.08 pounds, charting to be 17-22 pounds
  • Isis 6.74 pounds, charting to be 22-27 pounds
  • Athena 6.86 pounds, charting to be 22-27 pounds
  • Harvard 8.48 pounds, charting to be 28-34 pounds
  • Rosey 4.98 pounds, charting to be 16-21 pounds

Our Fall litter by Brax out of Ayasha turned 2 weeks old yesterday and they all have their eyes open to see their new world! Ayasha is an amazing mom, even letting Creed come see his half siblings (Creed is just as amazing as his mom to want to come see these pups as well).

Weekly weigh ins:

  • Hazel 2:3.8 pounds (+0.66)
  • Pumpkin 2:6.0 pounds (+0.76)
  • Maize 2:1.9 pounds (+0.71)
  • Arista 2:1.4 pounds (+0.61)
  • Maple 1:14.5 pounds (+0.61)
  • Autumn 2:.0.9 pounds (+0.73)

Thank you for joining our pack! Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Halloween weekend!

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