Our ten (10) adorable Pomsky puppies from 2 litters are now 2 weeks old!

First up are Akela’s F3 📌Office Supply Brands📎 litter. They put on a little more weight this week but they are still so teeny! They all have their eyes open too and we’re seeing a lot of blue eyes as we’d expect from their parents (including Creed and Brax).

2-week weigh-ins:

✏️ Dixon – 1:7.3 (+8.1 oz) black male

📜 Brewster – 1:6.4 (+7.8 oz) black/grey male

🖊️ Parker – 1:4.1 (+6.7 oz) red/brown male

🏷️ Avery – 1:1.6 (+5.7 oz) silver/grey female

🖍️ Neenah – 1:2.6 (+7.0 oz) silver/grey female

📞 Cisco – 1:8.6 (+9.2 oz) silver/grey male

Next up are Sakari’s F4x Pomsky Element litter. They all have their eyes open… except for during the photoshoot because posing for photos is oh so tiring 🥱. We did a little montage of Kaolin at the end to illustrate the overall photoshoot mood that was also echoed by Splash in the group photo.

These little pork chops are gaining lots of weight and and super sweet to cuddle.

2-week weigh-ins:

💨 Breeze – 1 pound 11.9 oz (+9.2 oz) black girl

💦 Splash – 1 pound 11.4 oz (+9.2 oz) black boy

🔥 Flare – 2 pounds 1.3 oz (+12.5 oz) black girl

🪨 Kaolin – 1 pound 14.9 oz (+11.4 oz) black girl

These pups will first be offered to members of our Wait List around 5 weeks of age.

Thank you for joining our pack!

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Family farm in-home raised and ethically bred Pomsky puppies. Distinguished sport horse breeding program in unique colours with Olympic pedigrees.